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Welcome to our 360 experience!

The BlastOne Team is always seeking ways to further engage and expand our efforts to get

potential customers, employees, friends and family to Experience what we do.

Don’t have the BlastOne VR 360 glasses?

You can use your mobile device or computer to still click and drag 360!


Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to recieve a FREE pair!

How to Use:


Assemble Your VR Headset

Follow the directions on the headset protective sleeve.


Download the Google Cardboard App

On your mobile device app store, look for the Google Cardboard App Icon or click the following link to download and install.

Be sure to scan the QR code to match your phone to the headset.


Select Your BlastOne Experience

Return to this page or our YouTube channel and select the BlastOne 360 experience you would like to view. Click the video to start. Be sure to click the little Google glasses icon that will show up within the screen of the video itself. When you click the little Google glasses icon within the video, it should split your video into two sections divided by a white line.


Insert Your Phone

Secure your phone in the viewer as you line up the white line and split screen view, with the center of the headset.



As you watch the video, be sure to look around! This mean turn your head left and right, up and down, even behind you!

You can use the button on the top right of the headset for limited controls, video quality, pause, start, rewind, etc. To view other experiences, just remove your phone, load up the next video and re-secure your phone inside the headset.

BlastOne Experiences

What Else Can I Do?


The Google Cardboard Glasses App Comes With Some Fun Experiences Itself!

  • A Tutorial = Learn more about the glasses
  • Earth = Fly around and explore the earth
  • Tour Guide = Explore a sample tour
  • Art Gallery =  View various art pieces
  • View Your Own Videos and Images = View your own pics & vids
  • Arctic Journey = If your tired of being warm, check this one out

*You can also search your device app store for many more VR 360 apps compatible with this headset. BlastOne is not responsible for 3rd party apps, so be careful of what you download to your mobile phone.

If you would like to get a Free headset or request a replacement, please fill out the information below.


Supplies are limited. Please also review our Privacy Policies. We will NEVER sell your email address or personal information.

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