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Painting Foreman Inspection Kit


Over the course of decades we have noticed that on painting projects where foremen have the proper inspection tools, they require far less rework than projects that don’t.The reasoning is quite simple:

  1. Foremen can check the coating thickness before they start blasting and know what to expect,
  2. They can measure the profile when they start blasting to ensure they are within spec
  3. And most importantly they can keep constant track on the environmental conditions so they see trends and know when it is ok to paint

This inspired us to put together an inspection kit especially for paint foremen.


  • Advanced gauge – this allows you to record into memory 100,000 readings in up to 1000 batches. Compared to just 250 readings on the standard gauge.
  • Coating thickness probe – as a “separate” probe on a lead. I like the separate probe as it much easier to use
  • Profile measurement – all of you would be familiar with testex tape and using a micrometer. This probe is a digital micrometer so you can permanently store your profile readings. I prefer to use testex tape over the needle style profile gauges, as it gives a more accurate and consistent reading – the testex tape averages out the peaks and valleys for you
  • Surface Preparation Guide so you can check your class of blast is up to spec, and also train your blasters if they are over blasting which costs you money
  • Dewpoint meter – in this kit we have 2 dewpoint meter probes. One is for taking instant readings and the DPML will automatically log the environmental conditions for you – just need to stick it on a steel surface, connect it to your gauge or phone and it will constantly record the conditions every 1 min or 1 hour, whatever you set it to. It will also give you an alarm if you lose conditions. The DPM can tolerate surface temperature up to 190 C.
  • For those of you that have had bad experiences in the past with inaccurate dewpoint gauges, let me assure you that this Positector gauge is more accurate than even your sling psychrometer or whirling hygrometer. It all comes down to the quality of the sensor they use in the probes and a lot of the Chinese ones out there are not reliable
  • Wet Film thickness combs – so your painter can check his film build when he starts to spray for the day – a lot can change from day to day – tip wear, pump pressure, pressure in hose depending on ambient temperature etc! Using a wet film comb will instantly tell your painter whether he is in spec, or if he needs to adjust
  • Then once the coating has cured, you can check the DFT with your coating thickness probe before your inspector comes along – you can tell your inspector where the rework area is!

In summary, what we have found is that if the operators have the right tools, you will have less paint failures. They can measure it themselves and they will take an interest in getting it right. They will take more care to make sure it’s right in the first place! Give them more knowledge, they will give you a better job, and you are guaranteed to have better outcomes.

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