GMA Garnet Premium Blasting Abrasive Supplier

GMA Garnet blasting media is the abrasive of choice for professional blasting contractors.  But not all variations are the same and knowing the difference can make all the difference in both safety and productivity.  For example some garnets create dust much like slag whereas GMA has bare minimal dusting.  Both inhibit worker safety and speed which compromises productivity.

The best abrasive blasting garnet in the world comes from GMA and is unique compared with all other known deposits in the world. Scientific testing proves it’s cleaner to use and it’s guaranteed purity will extend the life of the applied coating.  Contaminated abrasives leave a dirty surface, limiting coating life.

BlastOne is the preferred North American supplier and vendor for Australian GMA garnets which allow industrial contractors to blast faster, cleaner, with a guaranteed longer coating life.

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